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Russian blogosphere is monitored

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I just learned by chance that Russian blogosphere is monitored by US Open Source Center. Its website is open only for American government employees and for some people from the BBC. OSC makes small weekly reports “using blog posts by leading Russian bloggers and the list of the day’s top 30 most popular posts generated by the Russian web portal Yandex”.

Here is what they mention for the week 27.09-03.10:

“SPS Leader Resigns, New Right-Wing Coalition Proposed Nikita Belykh (, no date)”

“Yashin Blames Gay “Provocation” on Kremlin Wig and glasses worn by Yashin’s unwanted admirer (, 24 September)”

“New Website Set Up To Monitor Political Blogs website logo”

They follow political topics, so it seems.

I wonder if non-political top stories get into the review. For example when LiveJournal temporarily suspended very popular Artemy Lebedev’s weblog for his “users’ tits contest” or when the whole Russian blogosphere discussed during a week the striking news of “cat pack blown away in Moscow”.

It is life, too, isn’t it.

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October 9, 2008 at 8:27 pm

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