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I am not working. And this is good.

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One of the first reactions to the blasts in Moscow underground was anger about Russian television. I haven’t seen it (from Berlin) but bloggers write that first few hours after the terrorist attack none of the main channels reported urgently about the tragedy, none of them rescheduled broadcasts, none stopped showing commercials. It does take some time to make decisions in that industry nowadays.

And I am so relieved that my “merry story” have been cancelled. Just yesterday I was really looking forward to cover a hadron collider event on Tuesday but who needs it now in Russia? And how could I stand in Geneva and tell some details about some particles knowing what kind of information the viewers really need.

I would be happy if I could go back in time and just change something so that people with those esplosives would have exploded alone on empty Moscow streets at night – and then the hadron collider would be just fine, just fine.

Instead of that the whole day – news, news, hyperlinks, photos, videos, personal stories. On such day foreign bureau just stops working. What can I do from Berlin for the Moscovites?

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March 29, 2010 at 10:56 pm

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