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“The third age”

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“When we have more space I would like to have a building to work with what is called “the third age”. I mean those who resigned, for pensioners. They are people, too! Even though it seems to us… As if they are… But they come, they are interested, but they prefer to keep their own circle. They also want to have possibility to come in the evening. Some of them like to embroider, someone likes drawing, they try to fulfill themselves”.

The head of Moscow Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Irina Antonova, 86, mentioned it when describing to me the museum reconstruction project by Lord Norman Foster.

A woman of great energy and charm, she really talks about “the third age” from an outsider’s viewpoint. And clearly with self-irony:

– Will you finish the reconstruction by the 100th anniversary of the museum? – I asked.
– No. But we will finish it by my 100th birthday, I hope.

Written by andreyshilov

October 4, 2008 at 1:52 am