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Another “Battle of the Year”

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Another “Battle of the Year” follows a real one which I wrote about the other day. Breakdance again – but performed by well-known guys. The joke video is being discussed in Russian blogs also because it is produced by Dmitry Lesnevsky who used to be an owner of a Russian Ren-TV Channel, sold his share due to some Russian circumstances and now is busy with the MiniMovie project outside of Russia.



Needless to say there were videos of similar kind with Russian characters. The one that comes to mind first of all is the one where Russia’s then President Vladimir Putin lost his car and is trying to get a ride to the Kremlin (it is very common in Russia to get a ride this way, it is cheaper and quicker than taxi). Putin doesn’t know the price (it is usually discussed before driving) and the route (it is particularly funny because the video shows he stands very close to the Kremlin Wall).

Written by andreyshilov

October 25, 2008 at 2:37 pm