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A mixture of Elvis and Frank Sinatra, with Southern touch – that’s how I can try to describe Muslim Magomaev, a great singer who died today in Moscow.



He became extremely popular in mid-60s in the USSR and for me in the late 70s he was a living classic. I asked my mum today what it was that made him the first Soviet star. Relatively stable decade of the 60s brought TV-sets to big amount of Soviet families and Magomaev was the first singer who impressed the public by his appearance not less than his voice.



He was from Azerbaijan, then a Soviet province, and he had explosive combination of a sexy Southern man, an opera voice, Italian education, aristocratic look and a trendy repertoir. USSR for the first time could afford really a chic style star.


Just a few years ago I had great pleasure to observe my 2 year old son enjoying a classic Soviet animation musical called “The Musicians of Bremen” where Magomaev sings for the main character Trubadur. My son literally stuck to the film, he was watching it every single day for a year or so and I had possibility to enjoy the voice many times.



And the last thing – since I started with comparison to Sinatra:

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October 25, 2008 at 10:24 pm

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Suitable for foreigners

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I am a foreigner in Berlin, right?

That must be for me then:


(an advertisement in Berlin city train S-Bahn)


After a little investigation it turned out the show has no words – just music.


I would really think German music WITH words is dead – if I haven’t heard Rammstein.


But apparently the guys from Blue Man Group know the situation better.

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June 3, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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