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How would Russian fans behave?

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What does it feel like to find oneself in the centre of “Dutch” Basel at the evening when Dutch football team lost to a Russian one?

And to wear not an orange clothes, and to have a video camera with not a Dutch name on a mic?

In other words, to be Russian there?
A middle finger to the camera – 10 times.
Screaming straight to the lens – 5 times.
Personal and geographical curse – 5 times.
Gripping our mic – once.
Covering my cameraman and his camera with Dutch flag – once.
Pulling Russian flag from the hands of a girl we were interviewing – once.
And hitting the back of my head (with a palm, not a fist) – once.

Still I got an impression of a calm crowd.

Just there will always be a “bastard” among 100 thousand young people, especially after so many pints.

P.S. An NTV cameraman – young, slim, with curly hair – got his tooth knocked out while shooting at the entrance of the Russian Parliament in Moscow .

So I don’t complaint.

Written by andreyshilov

June 23, 2008 at 6:07 pm