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Arsha is not only Arshavin’s nickname anymore

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Russian information agency Interfax reports from my native town:

The name Arsha will be given to a baby camel born in the Nalchik zoo. The zoo staff made the unanimous decision on Wednesday to name the camel after Andrei Arshavin, a forward of the Russian national football team.
Young female camel Juliette gave birth to the unusually white camel in the Nalchik zoo. First the name Snow White was considered but success of the Russian team at EURO-2008 corrected the plans of the zoo staff.

I should have said it to Andrei today.


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June 26, 2008 at 3:12 am

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They make a pair

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Press accreditation for the EURO-2008 requires permission from UEFA and Swiss and Austrian police. We were waiting for the papers in a Basel press-centre. After a few hours in the late afternoon a volunteer looked at a computer screen and admitted:

-Austrian police stopped working at 8pm sharp. They do it even before the opening of the Championship! What can I do? Well, Austrians, you know…

In Austrian Salzburg some guys were playing super horns at the opening of the Russian House (national football fan club for the Championship). I asked them:
-Is it a folk music instrument?
-Yes, it is a local music instrument. Not a Swiss one! Not a Swiss one!

The people look so similar from foreigners’ point of view (for Russians, Spaniards, Scandinavians) and their attention to national differences is very touching.

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June 13, 2008 at 4:29 pm

I know those guys!

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Russian police is working on EURO-2008 – for the first time in history of football.

The guys were walking in the centre of Innsbruck, as I could see, accompanied by two local policemen. People shouted “Russland!”, took pictures with their mobile phones (on the photo below, right side), teenagers were excited, some adults even tried to talk to them.

They were photographed as often as some football fans in bizarre clothes.

Those policemen did look bizarre on that carnival. But in fact, it is a normal thing for a football competition nowadays. Well, perhaps, they were a bit too fat.

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June 10, 2008 at 12:25 am

Women get the ball

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An advertisement in Basel during EURO-2008:

There is a German expression “Frauen an die Macht” (something like “Women get the power”). Now it is “Women get the ball”.

An ordinary shop is running the campaign, even not a sport clothes or sport equipment store. The guys felt the Zeitgeist and made a football “A-Z”: “What is football?” Football pitch?” “How many players?”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her recent interview sounded as a representative of all women fans when she said she has been watching football games since she got a TV set in the 60s. After attending a football match she said, “When I’m watching at home I comment even more but I don’t jump up as much.”

We filmed in Basel before the first game. There were some women in the crowd, not much, about 5% – but they were not necessarily with boyfriends or husbands, there were girls gangs, too.

It looks like a carnival not less than like a sport event. Perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting.

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June 9, 2008 at 10:50 pm

Before EURO-2008

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A few hours ago we landed in Basel airport. We are going to play football, aren’t we?

The airport turned out to be run by three countries: it is an aiport of French Mulhouse, German Freiburg and Swiss Basel.

It is bloody cold here! I checked weather forecast right before the flight: according to CNN it is +13 Celsius, rain, according to Russian Hydrometeorological Centre +15, cloudy, no rain.

At 11pm CNN forecast has been proved :(

What an opening are we going to see tomorrow? I didn’t take warm clothes with me! What about all these tourists here?

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June 6, 2008 at 10:21 pm

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