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3500 per day

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Three and a half thousand voices per day is the speed of the Internet supporting campaign for Svetlana Bakhmina, a former Yukos lawyer imprisoned for 7 years.

The campaign was launched on October, 7 and got little attention in Russian media. It is Russian speaking bloggers and Internet users who really participate: yesterday at 10pm I was # 11 335, by now 14 369 people put their names in the list.

It is very contemporary, very Russian story – with all the details accompanying the conviction. But at the moment it is her personal situation that gets attention: more than a half of term has passed, according to Russian law due to “good behavior” Mrs.Bakhmina had few days vacations at home and is due to give birth in two months – in a penal colony hospital, of course.

Her two kids (7 and 9 years old) are still told mum is having “a foreign business trip”. Her husband, teachers at school and neighbors manage to keep the details of the “trip” away from her children.

The supporting campaign is actually a plea to President Medvedev for mercy. So 14 369 person in a country of 142 millions. I think for the majority of people the signature under the letter is a personal test for mercy rather than real hope the prisoner will get home any time soon.

Written by andreyshilov

October 11, 2008 at 9:03 pm