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I don’t understand anything in chess. So at the World Chess Championship (where I had to make a short report from) I was rather interested in details.

Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik sit behind a dark net, like a mosquito one, but huge, from the floor to the ceiling. The hall is dim and the net is virtually unnoticeable.
“In Elista we had a glass wall!” – a girl from press-service said.
The purpose of all the tricks is to defend the players from possible influence by the audience (whatever the influence could be).

The game is shown online for the first time. But logging-in is not free, even for the accredited journalists.
-How come? Why? – I asked at the press-center.
-What do you mean, – they asked me. –How do you want it to be?
-Well I want it to be free.
-No. It is our marketing measure.

Whatever they mean by marketing pleasure, sorry, measure – their “online game” site (for 10 eu) doesn’t seem to be the only one. There is live game on the website of the Championship, a Russian newspaper arranged something similar on its website and Indian media, I am sure, have something, too. Ok, one cannot see the players through “unofficial” sites but who needs players? The game is about moves, if I know something about chess. All the bonuses like “comments, interviews and press conferences” are mainly for the press, of course. So it is actually a form of accreditation fee.

If I manage to be in Bonn during the last game I will definitely ask whether any statistics about the website is available. Marketing should have some results, shouldn’t it.

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October 20, 2008 at 9:23 pm

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