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The observer. Here is starts

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That’s is what it looks like. This paper was given today to a friend of mine with whom we will be observers on March, 4 – during the president election day in the Russian city of Nalchik, on the North Caucasus (I couldn’t come to pick it up myself because I am not in Nalchik now, the photocopy of my passport was enough).

We got the paper in the local branch of the Russian Communist Party even though none of us can be called a Communist or anything near it on the political field. The peculiar thing about Russia at the moment is that the idea of fair election is more important that political views so people get these documents from diffrerent parties, they just need legal passes to the election points.

Just like millions of Russian Internet users I read very many astonishing stories (with photos and video) after recent Parliament elections in Russia (December, 4, 2011) when observers saw unbelievable fraud, amazing in its simplicity. For example, heads of the local electoral committees just marked ballots themselves for the right candidate. Or even simplier: they added dozens or more of ballots to the piles when counting them.

Anyway I am looking forward to see how it works on the particular electoral point #153.


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February 24, 2012 at 8:58 pm

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