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The notes of a journalist working in Europe for Russian TV

«10 easy steps to writing the scariest cyberwarfare article ever»

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“Begin the story in Estonia, with a reference to its 2007 attacks; make sure to play up the “E-stonia” tune and how the entire country was under online siege for a month (never mention that rioting in the Estonian streets was much more devastating and that the actual online siege lasted for twenty minutes at best). Setting the story in Estonia would also help to play up the Soviet threat that never really left the country. Blame NATO’s impotence, praise Skype’s genius, quote non-existent local Web entrepreneurs who lost all their savings in the 2007 cyber-attacks”.

What a hilarious text! Evgeny Morozov from Foreign Policy indeed knows the nature of journalism. He writes about contemporary threats in the Internet but in fact it is about eternal problems of media: hysterics and incompetence.


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April 13, 2009 at 12:39 pm

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