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Russia vs. Spain. An afterword

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I have seen during the EURO-2008 so many different football fans here. They were drunk, shivering with cold, completely wet after a thunderstorm, excited, crying. They were Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish. I respect them, really. Their passions are unknown for me but they are so sincere.

Here is a friend of mine in the main fan zone in Vienna, watching Russia vs. Spain game. Russians lost then (0-3), for the second time during the Championship, and have been kicked out from it. I took the picture in the middle of the match, before the first goal – she is still angry, not desperate.

By the way about passions and consequences.

Here is a quotation about the significance of EURO-208 for Russia, I heard it myself (before the last game vs. Spain, to be precise). I wonder whether the author is obvious?

“It is a momentum for the Russian football and it is a big challenge (…) The importance is now how can the managers, how can the presidents, everyone who is in charge, but really in charge in Russia, how they can use this momentum – and this is ideal momentum – and this is the biggest challenge for the Russian football”.


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June 29, 2008 at 1:54 am

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