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Women get the ball

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An advertisement in Basel during EURO-2008:

There is a German expression “Frauen an die Macht” (something like “Women get the power”). Now it is “Women get the ball”.

An ordinary shop is running the campaign, even not a sport clothes or sport equipment store. The guys felt the Zeitgeist and made a football “A-Z”: “What is football?” Football pitch?” “How many players?”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her recent interview sounded as a representative of all women fans when she said she has been watching football games since she got a TV set in the 60s. After attending a football match she said, “When I’m watching at home I comment even more but I don’t jump up as much.”

We filmed in Basel before the first game. There were some women in the crowd, not much, about 5% – but they were not necessarily with boyfriends or husbands, there were girls gangs, too.

It looks like a carnival not less than like a sport event. Perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting.


Written by andreyshilov

June 9, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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